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A spacious kitchen and dining table

The American Dream

Jure Sestich

Jure Sestich is a first generation Croatian-American. He moved here with his family​ in 19?? fulfilling the American Dream. He attended school at Cal Poly with a degree in Architecture.  20 years of experience in the industry allows Jure to offer a wide range of experience on jobs that are large or small, residential or commercial. 

His specialities include....

Man with Beard

A Dream Starts with a Plan


Every project starts with a vision.

Once I understand yours we can start to build your dream.


In order to quote your project, we'll schedule a day to view the property and send out a bid. Together we'll make the proposal to fit within your dream and budget.


Creating a dream takes a solid schedule and timely submissions for documents and permits. We'll do just that to ensure that your dream stays on track. This includes submitting all the necessary documentation and permits during the preconstruction phase.

Building Your Dream

Who does the building?

Do you over see it?

Dream Delivered

From the very first walk through to the last one, your project will be just the way you want it.  

Your dream project, complete!

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